Currently have several projects under development:

bulletMIDI Player/editor - Alpha release for basic player.
bulletWaveConvert -  Alpha version of a wave player that starts playing the wave file immediately and converts between bit depths & sample rates.
bulletAstrology program - currently under development.  Using swiss ephemeris for accuracy. Display formated data, reports and wheel's for natal charts. 
bulletEverquest Log viewer - needed way to view and filter my EQ logs.
bulletBinMerge - after downloading some multipart binaries from usenet, I needed a way to put them together again. 

All of the current projects are for Windows 98 & XP.   They probably work under most windows platforms but I haven't tested them.   The download pages have disclaimers - Although the programs work fine on my machines.  

If you have any requests for features or suggestions just send me an e-mail.

Past projects:

bulletGames for PC and N64
bulletconsumer electronics  (home organizer & wireless MP3 player)
bulletMultimedia presentations/demos



E-mail if you have any questions or comments 

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