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How To Break A #1 Hit Song On MP3.com, Part 1

by Marc Gunn, Bard

At the end of August 2000, I read some ad copy at CelticWays.com. In it John Wilmott, NMA Promoter, spoke of a new direction in the music market. He predicted CDs were going out of style to be replaced by MP3s and the new digital technology. And he awoke in me a desire to look into the new music model found in MP3.com.

Three months later, the Brobdingnagian Bards are nearly $4000 richer, and have been #1 on the World/Folk and Celtic charts, plus, a Top MP3.com artist for a over two weeks in January 2000.

So the question many of you are asking is how did we do it? Is there a particular formula that you used to achieve this success? At the risk of creating some dreadful competition, I'm going to give you my step-by-step formula for making a NUMBER ONE HIT on MP3.com.

First, let me tell you some basics about us. We perform regularly throughout Southwest. Yes, we have a mailing list with nearly 400 subscribers. But quite honestly, I don't believe that those were the chief factors in our success, because our success struck nearly two months after our last gig!

No, rather, it hinges on something else. And here it goes.

1. Pick a song. Any song. While I believe with enough promotion you can make any song a hit, it helps tremendously that it is your best. So make it the best recording, the best songwriting, the best at everything. If the production sucks! Redo it. Hell, record a live version professionally. You can make a good solid recording of one song for under $40. So do your best.

2. Name your song creatively. Quite honestly, you might need to rename it a few times to find one that captures the attention of MP3.com visitors. I found out through experience that "The Bridge" was no where as interesting as "Tolkien", or even better "Tolkien (The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings).

Now test it out. See if people are willing to click that name. How? Ask some friends. Post to newsgroups. Join mailing lists and ask them. Contact other musicians and see what name sticks out. Ask your mailing list.

Also, consider naming it something with which people can associate it. The entertainment industry is a good start. Political events can be hot if timed right.

Remember that on the MP3.com charts, it's not about what your song sounds like, it's all about the song title! Want some more great tips? Order a copy of "50+ Tips On How To Maximize Your Income on MP3.com"

Marc Gunn, Bard of the Brobdingnagian Bards has helped 1000's of musicians make money with their musical groups through the BardsCrier.com and the Texas Musicians Network. Now you can get personal advice by visiting http://bardscrier.com for FREE "how-to" music marketing assistance.

No time to visit the site? Subscribe to The Bards Crier.com distributed weekly for Free: mailto:subscribe@bardscrier.com

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