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Play It Forward

by Marc Gunn, Bard

Have you seen the new Kevin Spacey movie, Pay It Forward? I'll tell you, I loved the movie. I'm an idealist. So seeing an "idea" rocketed forward to me is beautiful.

For those of you who haven't seen it, it's about a boy responding to a class assignment comes up with basically an idea to improve life. Basically, he determines to help three people in a "special, life-changing way". But instead of having them pay him back for his kindness, he tells them to pay it forward, that is, to help three people in a life-changing manner. Then they require the same pay it forward philosophy. It's a beautiful example of... well, network marketing. 

Well, I left the theatre inspired, thinking, "How can I institute this in my life?" With MP3.com's help, I came up with "Play It Forward". It's an internet radio station. But using custom HTML, I designed a station designed to promote your music.

On the Brobdingnagian Bards MP3.com page, it reads, "Is there a song here that you really like? Play it forward and share it with your friends. Your friends and we will both thank you."

Since posting that link we get an extra 2-5 more email click-throughs every day from people "Playing It Forward". And that is very personal way to get more people listening to your music.

Now head over to BardsCrier.com Radio, and play it forward!

Marc Gunn, Bard of the Brobdingnagian Bards has helped 1000's of musicians make money with their musical groups through the BardsCrier.com and the Texas Musicians Network. Now you can get personal advice by visiting http://bardscrier.com for FREE "how-to" music marketing assistance.

No time to visit the site? Subscribe to The Bards Crier.com distributed weekly for Free: mailto:subscribe@bardscrier.com

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