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Promotion Success Story!

by Damien ReillyIrie

Hello Everybody, I recently put to work a number of Guerilla tactics I've learned over the course of this year. I organized, promoted, and did publicity, for the band I manage, GiantFella's release party on December 2nd. The party was a tremendous success, not to mention an important case study for myself since is was my first time attempting these tasks.

I began in the beginning of November by putting together the press kits for the band including a press release, bio, b&w 8x10, cd, and song lyrics. I also was busy putting together a media contact list. I sent out 30 kits to CMJ, Village Voice, NY Press, Aquarian Weekly, Good Times Magazine, and other publications around New York. The follow up calls weren't so bad. I left about 15 messages and got through to the other 15. I made a few follow up to the follow up and got Good times Magazine from Long Island to come review the show. I almost had the Aquarian Weekly and most others said they would at least submit the cd to be reviewed. 

Throughout the month I was constantly handing out flyers, stickers, and sample cd's some with up to three songs that are not on the band's recent release which was promised for free at the party. I also put up posters at bars at scattered locations around Manhattan that would attract a clientele that would be interested in GiantFella's music. I sent out countless e-mail and a postal mailing was done as well. I posted the release and show announcement on mi2n and some online message boards. I hit the Blue's Traveler show at Roseland on 11/22 and handed out more flyers, stickers, and cd's. I constantly was constantly in promo mode the entire month!

The party saw 200 people in a 220 capacity venue. I booked an opening band (http://mappari.com) that brought 40 people,181 paid to get in which was a record for the venue, the reviewer from Good Times came and was very impressed, and a friend of mine submitted an article in the Vos Valley News.

Out of the 200 people there the band and myself knew about 40-50 people, 40 were from the opening band and there was over 100 people no one recognized. I did speak with some that came from the Blue's Traveler show, some people signed the mailing list, and everyone got a copy of the new cd and a web site sticker. The place was rockin, everyone had a good time, and everyone was happy. The opening band had a great time and wants to continue doing shows with GiantFella which will definitely help. So a little hard work created a lot positive energy for the band and everyone there that night..

Now I've just got to keep up and multiply everything I did by 10 and the band will be at a whole nother level.

The following people I thank for sharing your knowledge and services: Curtis Waller, Mike Randolph, Beth Krakower, Anne Leighton, Steve Zuckerman, Derek Sivers, Dave Hooper, Carolyn Ballen Thank You!

GiantFella......Rock Bands Are Cool!
Damien ReillyIrie Productions

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